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FinFocus has been developed out of a love of the ocean, conservation, photography and travel. Joint proprietors, Krystal and Sylvain, have combined their skills with the intention of bringing a unique collection of imagery to the individual, independent film maker, documentary maker and ocean enthusiast.

Their focus is on exploring the unexplored, diving deeper, and pushing past the boundaries of the ordinary to bring you something truly extraordinary. With a constant focus on capturing professional quality imagery, this dynamic duo have and will continue to travel beyond borders and to the depths of the ocean to bring epic megafauna and marine footage to your screens.

Behind the lens

Krystal Keynes is an accomplished and well travelled videographer, well versed in overcoming challenging and diverse environmental conditions. Her passion for the marine environment and dedication for getting the shot has taken her far and wide, exploring the Indian, Pacific, North Atlantic and Southern Oceans.

After 6 years of professional underwater and marine videography specialising in megafauna, Krystal’s ability to read the body language of marine life speaks for itself in the resulting footage. She believes that spending time in the water with the subject animals and learning about them as well as providing them with an opportunity to feel comfortable with her presence makes for the best interactions and therefore, the best footage.

As an accomplished free diver, Krystal prefers breath hold to scuba for the quietness, freedom of movement, animal comfort and lack of bubble interference in the footage. “There is nothing more peaceful and humbling than hanging at 10 meters and watching a huge marine animal swim towards you that is several times your size and just feeling its presence approach. It really puts your life back into the perspective of the food chain. You are not the boss down there, you are in their world”, she says.

With a client list including several independent film makers as well as National geographic, she always strives to capture unique and exceptional interactions and angles and to push and develop her skill set constantly. She has a ‘no fear’ approach to her work and a lust for exploring the ocean.

The overriding drive for conservation has seen Krystal join Sea Shepherd in attempts to protect and conserve marine species and areas. Part of the reason for capturing footage of as many marine creatures from as many marine locations as possible is to be able to show future generations these unique species and places should they be destroyed in our ever changing times.

In supporting FinFocus you will also be directly supporting marine conservation.

Behind the scenes

Sylvain Bruley is a lifestyle artist, digital nomad and conscious living guru. His search for truth and purpose have lead him to develop skills in yoga instruction, reiki, web design, free diving, scuba, personal development and global exploration.

As a French native from a tiny provincial village, he has spread his wings and has travelled to over 35 countries and speaks not only French but also Mandarin and English as well as some Indonesian and German.

His application of skills for FinFocus includes all of the technical elements of the business, the web design and much more. He is solely responsible for the easy to use interface and the fast loading site. In addition to his seamless execution of all the online components of the business, he also provides invaluable in-water support to Krystal and acts as a second camera operator.

Sylvain and Krystal have combined their unique skills as well as their love for the ocean to bring you magnificent marine footage from around the globe that is easily accessible from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you may be in search of that perfect shot!